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Medium-term rental - over 30 days

Need a car for longer? For yourself or your employees? Choose a medium term rental option at Rentis. We offer flexible solutions, with no hidden costs, which assure the self-confidence and freedom to use a rented car.

  • Without hidden costs
  • Efficient and express delivery of the order,
  • No additional procedures and costs,
  • Possibility to extend or shorten the rental period during its term.
  • Full insurance package,
  • 24h Assistance throughout,
  • We provide technical service,
  • Seasonal tire replacement.
  • Only new cars with low mileage,
  • Possibility to change car to another during contract term,
  • Select any model from the Rentis fleet,
  • Car will be in location chosen by the Customer.
  • Fixed rate at every rental point,
  • The number of kilometers adjusted to the needs of the customer,
  • Definitely lower price than short-term rental.

More information will be provided by our staff: +48 720 200 500,